Wave Twisters

Wave Twisters is a 2001 American animated film directed by Eric Henry and Syd Garon and based on DJ Q-Bert's album of the same name. It is known as the first ...

Wave Twisters, Episode 7 Million: Sonic Wars Within the Protons ... Wave Twisters, Episode 7 Million: Sonic Wars Within the Protons. ... Enter the Wave Twisters (feat.

Wave Twisters - The Movie (WTM) is an eye-popping, hip-hop-meets-Hanna-Barbera, animated adventure synched skratch for skratch with DJ QBert's turntable ...

Product Description. Dubbed the first scratch concept album, Wave Twisters is the first full-length from the man considered to be the world's greatest turntablist ...

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