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Via Dolorosa. Via Dolorosa ("Way of Grief" in Latin) is a road in the old city of Jerusalem, a path where Jesus was lead in agony, carrying the ...

For those walking the Via Dolorosa on their own, the route is not easy to follow. A simple map is available from the Christian Information Centre, Omar Ibn el-Khattab ...

Leeland - Via Dolorosa Lyrics: He traded his crown for a crown of thorns He picked up His cross and laid down His sword He stumbled down the road bruised ...

"Must our lives in the West necessarily be shallower than those of people for whom the stakes are so much higher?" That is the question ...

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What is the Via Dolorosa?
What is the Via Dolorosa?
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What is the Via Dolorosa?
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What is the Via Dolorosa?
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