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Innocents at Risk salutes ABC News, Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio), and Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) for shining a light on the Global Criminal Empire of Backpage

The Ospedale degli Innocenti (Italian pronunciation: [ospeˈdaːle deʎʎ innoˈtʃɛnti]; 'Hospital of the Innocents', also known in old Tuscan dialect as the ...

I felt proud when I hear the statement of His Excellency President Abdi Mohamoud Omar that declares his cabinet’s endorsement to donate 10 million birr ...

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In 1198 CE, Pope Innocent III gave the merchants of Venice, Italy, a license to trade with the Muslims of the?
Why is Jack Abramoff in US convicted of trading favors for meals & Fergie for $720,000, innocent in Britain?
Has the stockbroker charged with insider trading successfully proved that he is/was innocent? / terror act?
What do you think of Obama's new innovate trade deal with the Muslims - For each innocent American they kidnap we give them three murderers?
The trade center site is hallowed ground,the graveyard of many innocent americans should the gito?
Are Police Officers trained to Fabricate Laws and be deceptive in order to get Compliance of innocent people?
Would you trade the lives of 70 thousand women for the lives of 42 million babies?
how could anyone agree with religions which believe in killing of innocents?
The Muslims want to build a Mosque in the HEART of World Trade Center... what do you think about that?
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