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Praying Our Goodbyes. Thoughts from the Author… " ...Although life is difficult and always has its share of sorrows, life is also very good and deeply enriching.

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I wrote this poem for my Mother, who passed away on Valentine's day 2010. Alzheimer's was part of our family for Ten years and I wanted my family to know that even ...

For 35 years, sweltering, bumper-to-bumper traffic off the 405 exit for Irvine Center Drive come sunset has been as beloved an OC summer ritual as hitting ...

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What is the quote about death that goes something like to those who believe in God there is no goodbye forever?
The German translation for "There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart"?
Did this mean a goodbye from her and that there is no chance we will get back together?
Are there 'no goodbyes'?
what song is this from? " i hide you in my bag cause your the only thing i need"?
there is no word for goodbye have a sensory language?
duet who sang these lyrics? "i wish there's no such word as goodbye..."?
What is the recurring theme of There Is No Word For Goodbye & "Farewell to the House of Dreams"?
Is there no other choice but to say goodbye in the end?