The Wrong Hands

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You really are brilliant, or there’s something seriously wrong with you, either way….I love the way you think!

Wrong Hands by John Atkinson for Jan 17, 2017 |

The Wrong Hands logo. The Wrong Hands was a group initially founded to leak the Justice League Unlimited's BrainiacWiki but was later involved in other notable events ...

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Why is the crime rate in the us so high? what are ways we can keep guns from getting into the wrong hands?
How can knowledge and truth be bad in the wrong hands?
Computer in the wrong hands?
My friend holds her spoon in the wrong hand?
Am I playing the guitar with the wrong hand?
help, my explicit love letter got in the wrong hands :S?
Do topless photos always end up in the wrong hands?
a guy has a wedding band on the wrong hand?
Automatic weapons are too dangerous, they aren't worth the damage they do in the wrong hands, do you agree?