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Cheryl Y "Wow I love the bright colors in this Bright Boomerangs Crochet Throw. I also like the idea of this being a join as you go not a make and sew together afghan.

Taliban (طالبان) Participant in the War in Afghanistan and the War on Terror ... Under control of the Afghan Government, NATO, and Allies

Soviet–Afghan War; Part of the Wars in Afghanistan and the Cold War: Mujahideen fighters in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in 1987

"It's not my thing when Afghans get raped by dogs,” Jack remarked. Todenhoefer's son, who was present with him in Kabul and was transcribing Jack's words ...

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The great American airtrikes just killed more innocent civilians, is that the Freedom my govt and media always?
Miranda and "fruit of the poison tree", and Chain of Evidence ?
How far is Islam from terrorism?
during the cold war - and please , i want facts - were the USA and the former Soviet Union ?
What is the US military doing in Afghanistan?
who was sher shah suri?
To my brothers in the military, are you up for a good joke?