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Our deluxe four star resort is the perfect location for a wonderful holiday under the warm Egyptian sun. Only a few minutes from Hurghada airport and within walking ...

Gull Temporal range: Early Oligocene-Present; Adult ring-billed gull: Scientific classification; Kingdom: Animalia: Phylum: Chordata: Class: Aves: Order: Charadriiformes

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and the country do not want to write? Fly better in Sea Gull, T. K. Shores Aloha - the Italians alone, beach-no entrance to the sea - no, food is so-so.
may I ask why such subtleties? ). If we are talking about Egypt-Hurghada, then Yes, it's the same hotel just a case of Premium new here and all, and the territory is one for two hotels Sea Gull sea gul is not the same
under the perfect Kemer hotel "Club Fazillis rose" 5 *, territory, food, entertainment
Been to Sea Gull two years ago. Though like anything, but 5* as it is not much pull. The only thing that I liked very much is the pink Flamingo went on-site...funny! And the hotel is right on the main street where...
Well. But do not take a room facing the road is noisy.
And that???? Boasts wanted? offer. write to the PM And what? Took 60 thousand for three. The hotel did not like. The hotel is garbage.. We are in a different rest )) And 8 nights is too little for Egypt)) at Least two weeks take )) Cheers!!! )))) probably))))
I it was long ago but the hotel is decent, but the place where he is - it's terrible! exit is impossible, just in the middle of the local market! there are five steps make - local reach. we rested a week, the hotel only went to the bus to take...
the boulders ( beach NOT really) with the head size, and everything is fine very poor reviews.
There are two parts - one old, one newer. A very compact area, a small beach is a minus, in the city center - is a plus. I personally rested there, I really liked it. And reviews easier to find, not here on special sites. Top...
Really 50 p. it was in this hotel with a friend last year in November. Very disappointed! Wypasanie money! Depends on where you fly. If from Moscow, on 16.10 for 10 days - 41300 rubles for two, 18.10 - 40700 rbl. And no surcharges...
I Desrt Rose resort very much. Good service, Spacious beach Worthy feeding! A huge lagoon. A good entry into the sea. Near the pier is the reef. congratulations, a bunch of redneck Russian!!! you won't even know left from Russia))
And what the reviews? Nice hotel, 2 beach, 1 line, is located in the centre, near everything. a colleague from work had a rest there 3 times and have always been pleased was at the hotel from 17 may 2016 to 30 may 2016! To prove that really bad but no !!!WE were exotic...
sure to annabele not outside... Rather, it is 4 dessole Marlin to party a very popular hotel among young people... the price affordable. Located in the heart of "old town". But there are hotels, of course, and better. Good thing that b...
Friends don't ponravilsya service, and is not written Kamer? I do not recommend, there are better in this category
Good choice, classy hotel, I rested in December 2007 hotel 17,05,2016 prison 12 days, the hotel puts one in fact, a case of the old check-in...
I'll tell you why in the crap reviews: 1. Young people and people who are caught up abroad for the first time almost any hotel 2. Fat old aunt and people who are in Egypt, for the fifteenth time (cheap) reproach to all So everyone...
and what is it for????and what is the CoE Galle????the new area of Hurghada? if You're talking about hotel Sea Gull ,my friends were in August. normalcy was there. At the moment, the worst hotel in Hurghada. Changed the host ,everything got corrupted....
Major some and his calf was resting ;) Search on "", or, if at odds with the "w w w. tripadvisor""
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