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More fundamentally, it is useful to return to the conceptual basis being used to assert that sugar or fat taxes increase consumers‘ welfare.

An iron hand in a velvet glove - definition of an iron hand in a velvet glove by The Free Dictionary

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A person who has a gentle, sweet, or unassuming appearance or disposition, but who in reality is particularly severe, forceful, or uncompromising. Tom is ...

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Is U.S. a "fist of iron inside a velvet glove"? Does U.S. need to remove the gloves, for effective empire?
What is the "Iron Fist" in the "velvet Glove"?
How come most of the clips that were shown in the "Iron Man 2" trailer wasn't show in the movie?
Homemade Iron Man Laser Gloves?
Where can I buy the Iron Man glove RDJ wore at comic con?
Do progressives love the iron-fist of tyranny rammed into them in the guise of a velvet glove?
Is socialism the opposite of the iron fist of tyranny?
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What is the best curling iron?
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