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Round Midnight is a soundtrack album by Herbie Hancock featuring music recorded for Bertrand Tavernier's film Round Midnight released in 1986 on Columbia Records.

“Foghorn has been my favorite cartoon character as far back as I can remember. This site is great! I introduced Foghorn Leghorn to my 7 and 9 year old kiddos.

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Do you live close to the train tracks?
Trying to figure out the name of an old black and white movie.?
Does Bavarian blow horn and shoot on the christmas eve to welcome the birth of the christ child?
what is the old black and white movie called?
A film about a banished angel who fell to Earth, what would you like to see?
Vicodin for teeth. One small champagne at midnight?
"what happens after death" - Is there any movie which has a story like this?
Are there regulations about running trains at night to avoid traffic congestion?
movies about biblical angels, and not documentaries,i mean hollywood movies?
Horn blowing on eBay