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Andrew Marr presents a three-part documentary series looking at the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, with special interviews and remarkable archive ...

BBC The Diamond Queen Episode 1 ©BBC UK Andrew Marr looks at the life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II in this three-part series, which includes special ...

Diamond Queen is a 1940 Hindi action adventure comedy film. It was directed by Homi Wadia and produced by Wadia Movietone. It starred Fearless Nadia, John ...

BBC The Diamond Queen Episode 2 ©BBC UK In the second of three programmes, he assesses her moves to modernise the monarchy, from the abolition of the ...

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The Queen of Diamonds in the Manchurian Candidate (1962)?
Is everyone as excited as I am about the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II?
When is the Queen's diamond jubilee?
Can anyone explain the affair of the diamond necklace?
when is the Queens Diamond Jubilee?
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