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November 24, 1971, The modest worker Dan Cooper got aboard the Boeing 747 plane going to Seattle. Soon after taking off he told the stewardess that he had a bomb. Cooper didn't seek to kill anybody. He just demanded 200 thousand dollars...
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Why the concept of free will can be seen as an oversimplification with respect to crime?
Why is it that Oj simpson is "aquitted" yet the 3 duke lacross players are "falsely accused" ?
why does nobody care about the crimes commited by christianity?
If Kanye west made the same comments about bush as Nugent did Obama would it have been seen as a hate crime?
If you would commit the perfect crime and nobody could find out, would you tell just before you die or never?
Why men commit most of the crimes ?
If White on black crime were just half of the reverse would we wake up and see the obvious?
can one police officer arrest another officer on the spot if he see's him commit an assault or other crime?
If the criminals didn't have guns, nobody would need a gun to protect themselves from the criminals! Why can't these gun nuts see that?