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Sunday morning, Autumn... my Crumpled bed, On the monitor, the questions I get asked Isabel. I haven't woke up, Only coffee, poured a Cup, And that has not yet been touched upon, Dressed only in panties and a shirt... But his dream through the write idiotic Answers, And...
I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)) Slavbogu switched to five days) happen) to)change )) I schA at work sitting since Saturday)at 8 am home) and Sometimes for months without days off) no, legitimate two weekends.... had Yes....
Tomorrow we'll see. Yes, if Sedna is good! And Monday is a difficult day. Dreary -that-one... in the sense of parting with him.. If Saturday make half a kilo on the snout. but it's long and fat, Oh what I mean...
Finally,to gather and push the neighbor's drill in one place,at least on Sunday.and pills from the deterioration has no effect on him... an Ordinary day in a row of weekdays. Sunday is good, only I drive now and I do...
Flock-drying clay, Sharjah rot Armillaria. Dancing to the wind on the plains, Auburn gentle colt. The smell of willow and resin. Blue then sleep, then sighs. Timber lectern Sparrow reads the book of Psalms. Last year's list in a ravine Among bushes —...
Palm Sunday!!!! the fats that you move Noah.... Yes, that's it. Yes, it's unbelievable. if the Democrats do not cancel... Tomorrow is palm Sunday! palm Thursday is not normal Tomorrow-palm Sunday. Yeah :D I think so)))
this is the closest Sunday to the birthday of Hitler the Christian celebration of the entry of Christ into Jerusalem a religious holiday However, Christ is met in other branches (olive maybe) , and...
stay! Have any... you With impudence, damn ... Thursday is better than Sunday, because after the resurrection the Monday and then Thursday-FRIDAY the Answer is simple. Sleep until lunch Four phases of human life: Carefree childhood. Anxious youth....
in Voskresenie ehhhhhhhhhhh, not soon((((((((((((((((( on the third day if Friday is not zabuhal,a day immediately after the Sabbath this week... How many Petrossian! 0_o
I have a job 2 in 2, so the output may be not)) ...nothing... normal day to be honest, most of all I love Friday night) but I don't like Sunday.. . I prefer Saturday.. . there's no rush....
and on Sunday and holidays and at night in short do not screechs clock.. and on the weekends takes the duty officer every day zamalchivaut Mani)))
Nicoletta do not care ) the sad day is not like Sunday,work tomorrow:(((,here Saturday. day hangover is Not heavy, but rather poisoned by Monday!!! Gaga
Monday, snow, hangovers And dick you up a little? Fun as always. Drunk I lie in wait. Sunday, the rain, the sadness.. Not a problem.... Because in the forest with a basket.. you came Out with umbrella happy.. Yes Yes Yes... in the Mood. Gnaws at the heart...
You easy morning on Monday And You!!!! Pious And You, too, good and funny Sunday, Sunny mood)))
I do not know,I have a day off on Tuesday,and on Sunday a normal working day for all I care I have all the days work
and written! and written! and is written is written! Sunday! you first would have "is spelled" spelled. Keep writing as well as wrote, you get it
norms. go. walk. In this heat nobody walks. sun + 40... I'm at a computer the beam will sit... <img src="" data-lsrc="
Bring grandma pies, was her phrase And said that yesterday she died. And the money sewn into a pillow. and asked not to come, because waiting for you man. ....and said to she wolf fucked more. Sunday...
We have in the city and rulers and all the festive events dedicated to knowledge day - September 2. Because Sunday is a mandatory day off on the labour code. not all go on Sunday, so on Monday, parents from work is not mowed...
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