Sorry, Wrong Number

Sorry, Wrong Number conforms to many of the conventions of film noir. The movie plays in real time, with many flashbacks to flesh out the story.

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Adapted from a radio play, this thriller is about a rich invalid who overhears two men plotting a murder through a crossed telephone line. During the course of the ...

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What's the Spanish idiom for "I'm sorry; I think you have the wrong number?"?
Is there two versions of a movie called " Sorry, wrong number? "?
I routinely receive out of state calls, the caller says they are sorry, but says wrong number?
How do you say "Sorry, wrong number." in Japanese?
When was the last time?
An anonymous cell phone call that says, "Ooops, sorry wrong number." In a ladies voice, Any ideas?
I'm thinking about calling my ex and when he answers, I'll say "oops sorry i dialed the wrong number"?
How'd you come up with your screen name?
What would happen if I call a store or business place then just say "oh, sorry wrong number"?
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