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Urban Legend is a 1998 American slasher film starring Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, and Rebecca Gayheart. The film is based on the premise that a killer is using the ...

Make the wait for the next Friday the 13th movie sting a little less with the Last Friday board game, which plunges you into an old school slasher movie.

NOTE: Turn on Loudness Equalization and Treble effect in Realtek HD Audio Manager or (whichever you have) because the sound is kinda low. MOVIE PLOT: An ...

Brandon Jay McLaren, Actor: Graceland. Canadian actor Brandon Jay McLaren was born to parents from Grenada and Trindad on October 15, 1982. Hailing from ...

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What ever happened to the good old fashioned slasher flick??
Very scary movies???? NO EXORCISM OR SLASHER!?
If my girlfriend and I were in a slasher movie what would happen to us?
Need Some Really great Slasher films?
A low budget slasher film, guy wears maybe hockey mask, based in cottage - AND ITS NOT HALLOWEEN OR FRIDAY 13?
Is This a good release date for a horror/slasher movie?
Any Good Scary Movies That Arnt Total Slasher Movies?
I need help figuring out this slasher film?
can we say slasher movies and heavy metal bands r cause of violence in usa?