Side Street

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Define side street: a smaller street that connects to and often ends at a main road — side street in a sentence

Side Streets . 1h 56min | Comedy | 25 April 1999 (UK) Staten Island Cab-driver, Bipin Raj, picks up a passenger, mistakes her for a movie star, but ...

side street n (Automotive Engineering) a minor or unimportant street, esp one leading off a main thoroughfare side′ street` n. a street leading away from ...

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automatic stop from side street?
A toxic mix of raw sewage and rainwater blocks a side street in Jeddah's Al-Ruwais district?
How wide is the average city street?
Side kicks in street fights?
U-Turns and Side-Streets?
Is a side street stop legal?
Whoa! How long does your city take to plow the side streets?
There are two sides to every street?
Today, a semi - truck was driving to the right of the road, and began to turn onto a side street, so I figured?
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