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I can't smoke. No, seriously - the utter ramblings, stream of consciousness. Modern art as it is. You are driving me bananas!!! Our young friend, a lover of freebies! None of us so much not to smoke to voluntarily and...
This is from the book "the jungle Book" (not to be confused with the collection "the Second jungle book") . It is small: Mowgli's Song THAT HE SANG AT THE COUNCIL ROCK WHEN HE DANCED ON SHERE KHAN'S HIDE The Song of Mowgli—I, Mowgli, am singing. Let the jungle... download here... [Chorus] I heard she mad rich, I heard she dead broke I heard she sniffin' coke - SHUT UP BITCH!!!! Ayo Kim can spit, man she don't write her shit Nah...
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Why didn't I just shut my big mouth?
My big mouth........??
If you could start this day all over again..would you? What if anything would you do different....?
If I saw you did it should I tell someone or just keep my big mouth shut?
How do I shut my big mouth?
I've recently developed an inability to keep my BIG mouth shut. Any tips?
Do you ever say things when you're out in public that make you cringe later, and then you're like "Why couldn't I keep my big mouth shut!"?
How can I learn to keep my big mouth shut?
how to keep my BIG MOUTH shut!?