Shed No Tears

Shed No Tears is a 1948 American film noir directed by Jean Yarbrough, starring Wallace Ford and June Vincent. ...

Shed No Tears (Swedish: Känn ingen sorg) is a 2013 Swedish film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein and starring Adam Lundgren and Jonathan Andersson.

Edna Grover (Vincent) convinces her older husband Sam (Ford) to fake his own death so they can collect on the life insurance. He hides in another city ...

Shed No Tears lyrics by Flipper: Shed no tears for the martyr dying / Only in pain suffering and death / Can the martyr become what he's

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Fresh comments: Shed No Tears

what song goes "hey little sister, dont shed no tears..."?
Do you think Kim Jong-il has any fear much less respect for Obama?
Why does Obama pretend to get all emotional when he thinks about a couple dozen kids killed in the US but shed no tears for the thousands?
Have you ever cried only to shed no tears?
Why is Obama, or any lib, so concerned for the Libyan people when they didn't give a damn for the Kurds?
looking for a song!?
My fellow Progressive Democrats, keep a stiff upper lip, shed no tears for DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz,?
I pick the Pen again..... For a Fallen Colleague.....Heroes shed no Tears! I wil not?
plz rate this poem : My soul is free don't you fear shed no tear time to fly past the stars say fast goodbyes
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