Satan Met A Lady

Satan Met a Lady is a 1936 American detective film directed by William Dieterle and starring Bette Davis. The screenplay by Brown Holmes is a loose ...

Large-breasted Terry has an affair with Victor, the fiancé of her sister Claudia, Victor. She also has an affair with another man, Bobby. Victor isn't ...

Wishman's plot rotates around the maneuverings of a whore who longs for a touch of mink and a seat at the finer tables in life. Blackmail, betrayal, murder ...

About. After the death of her beloved, Annette Plourde (Ruth Wilson) vows revenge on the third reich. To avenge her beloved and to break the bond of tyrany, she will ...

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Ladies, if you met a guy who said "No chance without Jesus" and you gave him a chance anyway?
Can I have a word with the lady who asked "Atheists, if you met Jesus standing, barring Heaven's entrance?"?
Christians - Is this girl a soldier of satan? (Serious)?
Do you think Muhammad met a demon pretending to be Gabriel or he made everything up himself?
are there ppl who actually worship Satan as their lord ?
What do you think of this joke about an atheist and a christian lady?
Ladies! Have you got a boyfriend?
There's a common trend in movies nowadays where the lady in red attempts to give birth to the antichrist?
are their anyother great bette davis films?