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DO WHAT JESUS DID The Ten Scriptures Satan Hates Most In more than twenty-five years of dealing with demons, I have never encountered an evil spirit

Family is under attack. As Christians we are accustomed to hearing about divorce and pornography and gay marriage and so many other moral issues. Have you ...

Thought. In case you haven't noticed, you are not popular with Satan! Why? You are an object of God's love; part of God's family; an escaped prisoner of ...

Stars And Satan. November 1. 2010. Baphoment symbolizes Satan. A number of Hollywood stars have been embracing symbols of the occult and Satanism, as apart of their ...

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Does Satan love me because I hate God?
Atheist if you understood how much Satan hates you would you stop serving him?
Have you ever asked Satan nicely to stop being a jerk?
ok, satanists--why would u follow satan if he HATES you and is out to get u?
Christians, why do you hate satan so much?
Poll: Do you hate SATAN?
I am so grateful that Satan Hates Me. What about you?
How much do you hate Satan?
Christians, do you hate Satan?