Rogues' Regiment

Directed by Robert Florey. With Dick Powell, Märta Torén, Vincent Price, Stephen McNally. A post World War 2, US Army agent is assigned to join the Foreign Legion ...

Overview of Rogues' Regiment, 1948, directed by Robert Florey, with Dick Powell, Marta Toren, Vincent Price, at Turner Classic Movies

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Dick Powell’s U.S. agent goes undercover in the French Foreign Legion tangling with Vincent Price and Stephen McNally to the beat of a Noir themed hunt ...

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What happened in 1948?
This question is to anyone who lived doing this time around the cold war?
I'm looking for a paperback of the French Foreign Legion in Vietnam....?
what do you think of this story?
What would you fear a mercenary of doing?
Where does the phrase "face the music" come from?
Hey anyone have any good books they read about the military?
mw2 General Shepards Betrayal?
Can you guys read this and tell me if you think it sounds good/flows well?