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Define perseveration: continuation of something (as repetition of a word) usually to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point

What is perseveration? Perseveration, also called stimming, is a repetitive action that people with autism (as well as those with other issues, such as traumatic ...

For the engineering term, see Centration (engineering) In psychology, centration is the tendency to focus on one salient aspect of a situation and neglect other ...

A glossary of psychiatric and psychological terms used in psychiatry and psychology

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depends on what yaoi and anime, come on among the styles to pick yaoi, everything is translated to. here is another link to the manga in Japanese
Here are a few links where you can download another from the Hulk:
Does anyone know the treatment for "mental" perseveration?
Is perseveration a common sign of disorganized speech in schizophrenia ?
Impulsiveness and perseveration are the same in that they both represent?
What brain areas are associated with subvocalization and perseveration?
have you experienced an acquired brain injury that is subtle and only manifests in say, perseveration?
A schizophrenic who said, “It's time for supper, supper, supper. Supper is on in the supper room” is experiene?
Is there a term for someone who compulsively repeats information?
Could you please check my work?
What is this mental health thing called?
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