Parole Violators

A parole violation carries it's own penalties, and if a separate crime was committed then the penalties for that crime will likely be included in the punishment.

Trends in probation and parole violators in State prisons In 1991 probation and parole violators comprised 45% of the State prison-population, up from 17% in 1974,

Trivette, Samuel H. (1992). "Parole Violators: A Glance." Alaska Justice Forum 9(1): 1, 3–4 (Spring 1992). It's been suggested that many probabion and parole ...

Parole Violators Lyrics [Hook: Havoc] Yo, parole violating fugitives on the run, son Live by the gun, son, die by the gun, son We can make it happen if we want to

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