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The Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus) or Irish giant deer, is an extinct species of deer in the genus Megaloceros and is one of the largest deer that ever lived.

Fossil Horses Fossil Horses: Systematics, Paleobiology and Evolution of the Family Equidae, by Bruce J. MacFadden (Cambridge University Press, 1992) is more than just ...

Lecture notes. Evolutionary genetics: A brief perspective. I. The incorporation of genetic theory into evolutionary theory. Although Darwin was very successful at ...

Define orthodoxy: a belief or a way of thinking that is accepted as true or correct — orthodoxy in a sentence

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Darwinism, Lamarckism, Saltationism, Orthogenesis?
Evolutionists, what do you think of orthogenesis?
Are there any modern proponents of orthogenesis among scientists today?
Do you think that evolution and creationsm are compatible?
A question for people who believe in evolution?
Why do people assume that creationism is the truth?
What words start with ortho?
a couple of anthropology problems?
Please respond to this creationist arguments?
Comments on Intelligent Design?
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