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Music. No Mercy (metal band), a 1980s American thrash metal band; No Mercy (pop band), a 1990s American dance pop group; No Mercy Festival, an annual heavy metal ...

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*English subtitles are available. (Click on CC button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' fuction) B.A.P, receiving attention as the next-generation K-pop ...

Directed by Richard Pearce. With Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, Jeroen Krabbé, George Dzundza. Eddie, a Chicago cop on the edge, goes undercover as hitman. A man and a ...

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"Fight Without Mercy" the Night we appear in pairs We rush, we own the Night From the depths of the infernal realm Born-again to reign this night roam the trails of the endless wars We must magnify his name the Warriors from hell's gate, We believe in...
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