Night Of The Lepus

A movie from 1972 call "Night of Lepus" This movie needs to become more popular people. Set the trend. Show your friends

Latin lepus, hare, refers to the leporids, the genus Leporidae consisting of rabbits, hares, and pikas. The scientific Latin term Leporidae is used for the genus or ...

Who are we? Roberta and James Jamieson Our CKC Registered Kennel Name "LEPUS" is latin for "hare". There is also a constellation in the ...

Genus Lepus. Subgenus Macrotolagus. Antelope jackrabbit, Lepus alleni; Subgenus Poecilolagus. Snowshoe hare, Lepus americanus; Subgenus Lepus. Arctic hare, Lepus arcticus

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