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Mysterious Girlfriend X Ok now this show is definitely not going to be for everyone. Allot of people find this show weird and disgusting, but as for me i find it to ...

Researchers say an anomaly in the orbits of distant Kuiper Belt objects points to the existence of an unknown planet orbiting the sun. Credit: by Karl Tate ...

Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play anime info and recommendations. While reading "The Universe of the Four Gods&...

Artist’s concept of “Planet Nine,” a hypothesized world about 10 times more massive than Earth that may orbit far from the sun. Credit: Caltech/R ...

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Is there an undiscovered planet beyond Pluto in our solar system?
What is the most mysterious planet in our solar system?
Your starship, the Aimless Wanderer, lands on the mysterious planet Mongo. As chief scientist-engineer, ...?
Who thinks the mysterious "planet-X" exists?
Would it be possible that a mysterious Planet X had caused the Great Flood?
Is this poem written well enough to get an 'A' for English Class?
If it is true, that a mysterious planet, is headed toward earth in a collision course...would you survive?
Does anybody know the name of movie, filmed in 80's or 90', Czech or Slovak, where one boy is lost at planet?
Is there a conspiracy to hide planet X.?