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When BEWITCHED producer/hubby caught wife/star ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY cheating, he pulled the plug on their marriage AND the TV show! The cathode ray classic ...

This is the moment a lover got stuck inside his married mistress while having sex after her husband asked a witch doctor to curse her genitals.

Greetings, I am an Irish Witch residing on the East coast where I currently run my own coven. During my twenty five year journey exploring and studying Paganism and ...

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William Cosmo Monkhouse (1840 1901) Threat room Smiling, three brave girls On the back of a Bengal tigress. Now all three Have a tigress inside, And the smile on the face of a tigress. Hilar Belloc (1870 1953) Temptation Boasted the devil in a friendly...
How can Marry a witch..... i dont know their signs.... how to recognise them?
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