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A hook is a tool consisting of a length of material that contains a portion that is curved or indented, so that this portion can be used to hold another object.

A fish hook or fishhook is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish. Fish hooks have been ...

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kick Boxing hook (eng. hook) — classic flank attack from traditional Boxing. "Hook" in English means "hook" , which coincides with the traditional Russian name of this shot. However, at present, is more often used...
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left hook - any woman at your feet ))) so what? ) It is better for the soul! And that left hook ?)) I would not want you to kiss)) uuuuuu the hook... be careful - out... not worth it! It seems to me that kiss You bad...
More (9.5 rounds) -1.4 Povetkin will win! definitely! Quotes British William Hill are 1.22 and Povetkin to win, with a 4.0 for the win of the hook (draw the battle - 34,0). Experts of the Austrian Bwin solidarity with colleagues, but...
Huck beat Povetkin several times on the verge of a knockout was Sasha! Sasha slow, distance does not feel, has not exactly and the whole fight was a hug! Alas! Disgraceful decision! Stole hook's victory. Povetkin-phony champion. The hook is IMMENSE RESPECT!) Not...
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the hook punch in Boxing and KOs dunno Punches! Hook is hitting the bottom... in the jaw... the HOOK and the Cross is the types of punches in BOXING. HOOK - like blow from the side, and the Cross is a punch with the right hand to the left side of the head. Like so. Chuck and Cross (Lateral and...
small flour Give him a friend-Hohu! ))) It frightened me in childhood,so a couple would be good!))) gravitsapu!!!
Dangerous hook Depends for what purpose) One breaking point will come... As for me the hook will be more powerful.
don't want to know) the Direction of impact. The hook is applied to the side (left hook, right hook) uppercut - from the bottom up. hook - side kick, uppercut punch from the bottom up. writing)))))) I agree with Winston still will add from myself that the very...
the same thing, Shaw and a right hook,not to be confused with aperkot, and uraganom) Th the matter... And he left me, and in the middle... the Hand on the right is the living daylights and the displacement of the mandible to the right. The punch left Punch like that should knock...
Won the champion of the effort of the hook was not enough for the victory. Povetkin won. He even often napodal.
Povetkin clearly won the Belgian judge gave a draw illogical , but in the fight with Lebedev, I would have given a draw don't know ,not caught the thief as the saying goes,but the gas Europe needs, so will a losing battle to award the Russian victory...
I fish more like))))well to beat ..the hook ...there's something ...heck Better Chuk and GEK. chuhak...)If you take, the heck. Prefer right HOOK))))Better fish to eat than in the nose to...)heck for the LADIES,and HOOK for real MEN !!!blow and fish. ...
Good hook, my friend, no one mug will not go... no matter How you try to nail down. But to have to eat it alone, on his knees and with stars in the eyes and mind.... Digest in silence the bitter aftertaste. Eating this right HOOK...
I love the hook at the beginning of may, He spent the blow, Protection, rack-WORKED, Almost like Tyson, Ali,Joe Louis became!)))To give or to receive? and at the beginning of any other month... as I love all cats in March!...yyy don't know....but
Win Alexander Povetkin. Good luck to him and go without injury. My prediction: the failure angle of the hook after 10 rounds or Alexander knock him out in 11th.
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