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It's about baseball. Very hard to understand. Something like this: Running in the house (in baseball this is when you knock hitstreak when the ball flies over the territory of the field and all players of this teams are running "house") driving the Cadillac (gorgeous in General machine), and...
More the curve of the "forehands" than "home runs". Or tennis or a thread of a baseball... More than top-spin forehand a home run?
I just need to type in Yandex translator
it is a term from baseball... when the person with the bat hits the ball outside of the stadium (well, just very, very far away) and then obegal all 4 bases, receiving, respectively, 4 points. This is from baseball! Homerun (eng. home run) impact in which the...
EVERYTHING goes but the important thing is to download a good image !!! it will go)) go
running the base !
look at the official website
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the English layout is not supported a good translator. Adjust Malek and the rules will be. Winter is my favorite time of year. I like to watch fluffy flakes of snow whirled in the air. You look out the window of...
You run from the school to your home every day right here so You run home from school every day "You run every day from school to your house" - and that it's all nonsense? First expressed definitely (with the obvious meaning) , and then...
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translate or herself, or pay for the translation. Google and listen Noggano
water baseball is cool. bits pomohat, it is possible)
If it was to run the house it would be possible to say, mark does not give money for the household. Maybe there a mistake? :)or I don't know this expression :)) mark does not give money to maintain the house. khoz-VA mark does not give...
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Only one I know: Green Day - Holiday. Here is the link
A home run,knocking the ball bat through the air in the aisles of the site outside the site.
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