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hit (hĭt) v. hit, hit·ting, hits 1. To come into contact with forcefully; strike: The car hit the guardrail. 2. a. To cause to come into contact: She hit her ...

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Hit me new thread Impress me with the new flow (e. translation) I fucked...nulo current. Hit me with the new thread give me new breath
Britney spears?
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though I know a lot of 90's hits but it's hard for me to determine .who sings (the man is or the woman or both together) and while corona - baby baby
It seems like blacks from the ghetto talking, shortening words :) more usual version would sound something like this: Hey, make a u-turn so that I can drop by a packie and grab me some beer for supper. In translation (a man turns to...
Depending on context, translates as: oaradise, text me, call me, back off, etc.
It didn't seem fair to me, I think that's why his death not sent me the correct path (correct path). It seemed to me that all this wasn't real. Perhaps that is why his death was not for me...
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Yellow Submarines :) Please Please Me / Ask Me Why 1963 Please Please Me uraaaa!!!! What do these Beatles don't. Garbage garbage. Estedey
This song is Britney. All the other covers on it. time*
you still are not watching. beautiful long list. well, or something like this amp;t=30s in the Top 5?! When rarely naturalise interesting songs.. But lately I like myself...
"In the forest tree was born"....she's "Jingle Bells" even "Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow" and then the computers? Now remember.... AAA here in the forest was born herringbone Happy New Year - ABBA Hurts - All I Want for Christmas Is New Year's Day. http:...
Insured by Russian mafia you hit me, my comrades hit you?
let mi ACNP Frome may HART John inglish Natalia Miller, the song of 1999.
Are you sure that the English text contains no grammatical errors?
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God... depends what kind of music... I Potap and Nastya listening))))0:-)
my one year old son hits me?
how many hits does my website need?
Trouble with hitting my short irons?
My parents hit me...?
Is it okay to hit a woman back if she hits me?
Hit myself?
Is hurricane Earl going to hit me?
HE hit me!?
Can he really hit me?