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The Freedom Challenge is a movement of passionate women dedicated to freeing oppressed and enslaved women and children all around the world.

Tracy Elise, founder of the Phoenix Goddess Temple, delivers a hopeful message to supporters on the fifth anniversary of the dramatic raid that brought...

Some background to the presentation below: After observing the trends on the Left for many years, in early February 2009, during a meeting with a friend familiar with ...

Maguire Seven: Fighting for freedom from wrongful conviction Patrick Maguire has struggled to deal with adult life after he was arrested for terrorist ...

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how did slaves fight for their freedom?
how did slaves fight for their freedom?
Who fought for the freedom of speech?
Latin Americans fight for their freedom?
Democrats-Socialist-liberals. Do you feel the US troops in Iraq are fighting for your freedom.?
Are American soldiers fighting for our freedom overseas?
Are people capable of fighting for their freedom anymore?
Atheists: would you fight for the freedom of religion?
How did john brown fight for freedom ?