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Spotting a man in Washington D.C. that he thinks looks like Otto Lieberman, a fugitive that caused a plane crash that killed eight people, government-agent James ...

Federal Fugitives (a.k.a. International Spy) is a 1941 American film noir directed by William Beaudine. The film stars Neil Hamilton, Doris Day, Victor Varconi and ...

Suspecting that enemy agents are out to snare the plans for plastic aircraft that are being developed for the war effort, a federal agent goes undercover ...

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What federal agency is responsible for going after federal fugitives and staffing federal prisons?
Is a fugitive charge a felony or federal offense?
U.S. Marshal vs FBI jurisdiction regarding fugitives?
Is supporting a federal fugitive (illegal immigrant) aiding and abeding?
HELP!!!!!!!! Why did the second federal Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 anger white Northerners?
What federal law enforcement agencies hunt down fugitives?
If illegals cannot get medicaid how did this illegal federal fugitive receive $350,000 of taxpayers care?
what was the connection between the fugitive slave law and personal liberty laws?
I am trying to decide weather to be a Federal Agent or Fugitive Recovery Agent, what do you think ?
A couple of weeks ago Federal Marshalls were chasing a fugitive who ran through my yard.?
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