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Turkey’s president and its prime minister issued thinly-veiled threats to the U.S. on Saturday if it does not extradite an Islamic cleric living in the ...

I was in Detroit to visit my girlfriend’s family for Thanksgiving and decided to take a look around. Knowing my tastes, locals told me to head for a ...

After his defeat at the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813, Napoleon retreated to Paris where (due to a lack of support from his military marshals) he was ...

These real-life locations were the inspiration for some of Japan's biggest anime hits! Perhaps you can take a detour to these beautiful spots on your next trip to Japan.

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Why is Marijuana exiled in America? And why are it's users Outcasts?
If Europe is so prosperous than why do "European exiles" come live in N.America?"?
Anybody go see Matchbox 20 & Alanis Morrisette in Oklahoma City March 2 for the Exile in America tour?
Are Cuban Immigrants ( exiles ) spreading communism in America or is America spreading democracy in Cuba ?
The bush family appears to believe that it might one day have to flee America and live in exile in Paraguay...
CHRISTIAN MORALITY. If extreme Christian pacifism didnt define "morality" in America, would Islam be ashes?
When is the anime Last Exile Season 2 coming to Netflix in America?
Is there an exile skimboard company in Australia?
Why the cubans are nationless who either live in exile or in an oppressed communist blockaded puppet regime?