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All rights belong to their respective owners. Lyrics: They call me useless, careless, nobody ought to miss, with the thing they don’t understand They ...

My hands and feet are constantly cold. I’ve heard people say that it’s from bad circulation, but that can’t be true, right?

During your pregnancy, you might feel tired even after you've had a lot of sleep. Many women find they're exhausted in the first trimester. Don't worry, this is normal!

Fed cop shoots dog in dog park/Cops arrest woman, "could have been holding a cell phone gun"..delete video, then deny it.

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Second van Helsing was played, and the name - I do not remember 1 - Ben Affleck - Armageddon... there when his wife died and his child left.. . 2 - XS Girl starred in the film "van Helsing", name's Kim Besigheim, like You should have pictures...
With the money you can buy weapons, armor, etc. Back in the city, find a female blacksmith =) buying current gear, mana and health are the Sellers in the towns as I recall for these coins you can buy weapons. in General, the goal...
Watch the Americans? You're going for you From what I have. It is a pity that time has not downloaded, forgotten ( to Recommend can not do everything, because look is not all, and it seems there are a lot of French)) <img src="//
Why are we more tired when the weather is really cold?
How is this quick poem of mine?
can somebody check my sonnet?
Please edit this story! Its due tomorrow and I cant think of an ending!!!?
Help me make this piece more exciting?
Including as many of these tv titles as possible, can you write an amusing story, just 4 the pure fun of it?
What are the titles of the Ralph Cotton books with the main character being the Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack?
what is a planet mars ?
can somebody check my sonnet?