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[Hepe was the mediaeval name for a curved billhook] Gower didn't use the modern 'by hook or by crook' version of the phrase, but it is clear that he was using the ...

by hook or (by) crook. by any means, legal or illegal. I'll get the job done by hook or by crook. I must have that house. I intend to get it by hook or crook.

LADY WITH BRAIDS: Can I have a copy please. LADY IN JEANS: (To the hawker). Please come over this side, also want a copy of the magazine. LADY WITH BRAIDS: The ...

David Dhawan (born Rajinder Dhawan on 16 August 1955) is an Indian film director who works in Hindi films. He is the father of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan and ...

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Easier you will find them on the Internet Honesty is the best policy A good beginning and a good ending. A bad workman blames his tools A close mouth catches no flies An evil chance seldom comes alone Live and learn - live and learn A Bird In...
Have you ever been abroad as a tourist? Or as an immigrant, who is in search of a better life economically, trying by hook or crook to settle abroad? If at least one of these 2 questions you answer yes, then you know neponaslyshke why it is...
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what does "hook by hook" means?
1-1=0, how?????? , pls prove by hook or crook?
what does by hook or by crook mean?
Have you seen the movie 'By Hook or by Crook'?
What does by hook or by crook mean?
By hook or by crook? what and. where dose this word come?
Poll: When was the last time you said...?
James K. Polk promised to "acquire" Mexican land by hook or crook, your thoughts?
What does "hooked or crooked" mean? I need it fast please!?
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