Born To Be Bad

Christabel fools everyone with her sweet exterior including her cousin Donna and Donna's wealthy fiancée Curtis. The only one who sees through her facade ...

BB082 SPACE ODDITIES – STUDIO GANARO feat Eddie Warner, Roger Roger & Nino Nardini ( 1972-1982)

Born Bad Records ... SPACE ODDITIES - STUDIO GANARO - Feat Roger Roger / Nino Nardini & Eddie Warner -1972/1982

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are people born to be bad?
born to be bad?
Do you think people are born to be bad or society makes them like that?
I'm looking for driving songs like Born to be Wild and Bad to the Bone...?
what turns someone bad ?
Do you think I was born to have bad luck?
Children: Born with a natural desire to be bad that we must train them away from?
Born lefty converted to righty, is this bad?
If jesus/god are real how come some people are born to bad struggling lifestyles?
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