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Alexander's Ragtime Band Words and music by Irving Berlin (1911) Sung by Collins and Harlan Columbia Record A1032. Played for you on a portable 1927 Victor ...

Refrain: |: Come on and hear, :| Alexander's Ragtime Band, |: Come on and hear, :| It's the best band in the land! They can play a bugle call Like you never heard before,

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Don't know what is this music, I only know Celine Dion - My heart will go on =))) Here are the list of the soundtracks from Titanic, maybe they'll help you.. . 1.Titanic Suite James Horner 2.An Irish Party In Third Class James Horner 3.Alexander's...
Please! Disc 1 : TITANIC (OST) 1. Never An Absolution (03:03) 2. Distant Memories (02:23) 3. Southampton (04:01) 4. Rose (02:52) 5. Leaving Port (03:26) 6. "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch" (04:31) 7. "Hard To Starboard" (06:52) 8.... Encyclopedia Of Jazz - Gold Collection/?id=28346
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