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Are you a teacher? Are you a teacher? — that's right! You are a teacher, aren't you? You're the teacher? By the way, my friend went to the US for Work n Travel.He says they produce permutations! So your option is appropriate in...
Yes, not "past-time job" and "part-time job". Both "experts" that the Student that Enlightened. But the first/the first at least forgivable. What kind of job has she got? She's got a part-time job as a teacher
that's right, Yes She is a teacher. Isn't it? she is a teacher!!!! Yes that's right. Yes, in different ways. is she a teacher? she's a teacher? she's a teacher, isn't she? isn't she a teacher?
Who will come soon A teacher will come soon, will not he Will a teacher or a student will come soon What will a teacher do When a teacher will come
c). shall (will) work the option ...i SHALL work as a teacher next year ... well will work of S.
we are teachers
1 the pianos are black teachers 2 they are 3 they are 4 birds they are ballerinas
The pianos are black They are teachers There are birds They are ballerinas
Yes, that's right, the article is not needed here. IDA General wording of the proposal. To say that the teacher works at school - silly, because it's obvious. Another thing to say: "She works in a school" (article "a"). This is not a tautology,...
The first correct they Have any question always starts with the verb "to be" in an appropriate form, as I understand it. The first is correct. Are you a teacher. Clearly the correct one is the last: "What is the right question?" Grammatically - in the form of...
I will try to help))))) Uncles, fishes, foxes, cars, children, teachers, and waters (water) but other words I do not have a plural, since uncountable, I hope my answer was useful))))
My father a teacher Present He Past a pupil twenty years ago Future a doctor when I grow up My sister Present not
i never will be a teacher I would have never been a teacher. What for? I don't like it. I would have never become a teacher.
In Jakarta, many Russian-speaking, give an ad in the newspaper. To call a foreigner without status, is much more complicated.
Yes, there are Articles everywhere. Yes, there is. Denial does not negate the use of articles. If You want once and for all deal with English articles, I suggest You tutorials series "English for Russians", the author Karavanova N. B. , Izd-vo "...
Is anyone a teacher?
cognitive talents of a teacher?
Was Herodotus a teacher?
Interview with a teacher.?
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