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As anybody who wears glasses will know, there’s nothing more annoying than frames that keep slipping off your nose. But if you’re tired of making a ...

Instead of constantly pushing your glasses back onto your face like a stereotypical 90s movie nerd, weblog Tested recommends wrapping the ends in a bit of ...

Dubai: One of the world's most influential education experts, Andreas Schleicher, has criticised the Australian education system for falling behind global ...

In an extraordinary interview with his friend, Mirror columnist Tony Parsons in 1987, the pop star reveals how his feelings for Brazilian Anselmo Feleppa changed his life

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book question about A slipping-down life(please read!)?
A book not sure what it was called?
What is the name of the movie from the late 90s/early 2000s about a girl infatuated with a guy in a band.?
what is the movie called when a girl falls in love with a dude in a band(olld movie))?
Am I a hipster for enjoying indie american flicks from the nineties, early 2000's?
Can anyone reccomened a good independent movie?
Anyone know this movie?
slipped down the stairs on a plug what should I do?
Does anyone know this movie? please help.?