A Kiss Before Dying

Directed by James Dearden. With Matt Dillon, Sean Young, James Bonfanti, Sarah Keller. Realising his secret girlfriend Dorothy's pregnancy will sour her relations ...

A Kiss Before Dying is a 1991 British-American neo-noir film. It was directed by James Dearden, and based on the novel by Ira Levin, whose book won the 1954 Edgar ...

A Kiss Before Dying has 5,624 ratings and 545 reviews. Delee said: I have loved Ira Levin ever since I watched a movie in 1982 -Deathtrap- based on his 1...

A Kiss Before Dying is director James Dearden's remake of Gerd Oswald's 1957 thriller. Jonathan Corliss (Matt Dillon) is obsessed with gaining wealth and ...

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